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In a world that is shifting and changing faster than ever before, investors who want answers that unlock opportunity and uncover risk entrust their assets to Stone Lion. As an independent, global mining manager, Stone Lion has no greater responsibility than to its clients.

It’s why many investors trust Stone Lion to understand their unique objectives and why financial advisers and individual end investors partner with Stone Lion to help them build the more dynamic, diverse precious metals portfolios these times require.

Built For These Times

Stone Lion has built its offering around its clients’ greatest needs: providing breadth of capabilities – and depth of knowledge – across active and passive strategies, including its Congress Series. This is combined with a singular focus on delivering strong, consistent performance and an ability to look across mining, exploration, refining, geographies and investment strategies to find the right solutions.

With deep roots in different regions across the globe, our team shares their best thinking to gain the insights that can change outcomes. And, with a passion to understand risk in all its forms, Stone Lion’s risk professionals dig deep to find the numbers behind the numbers and bring clarity to the most daunting financial challenges. That shapes and strengthens the investment decisions that Stone Lion – and its clients – are making to deliver better, more consistent returns through time.

Global Gold In 2012 the United States produced 230 tonnes of gold, making it the third-largest gold-producing nation, behind China and Australia. The U.S. is a net exporter of gold. Arizona is the third largest producer in the U.S.

Gold Advantages
The International price and demand for gold is expected to keep climbing.Central Banks in many countries, including the U.S. federal reserve, continue to devalue their currencies.Gold and Silver are always strong in turbulent economic times.